How does a Magnetic Bird Repeller Scarer Wind Solar Power Bird Pigeon Crow Deterrent work?


The structure of the bird repellent and its structure This small windmill-shaped windmill rotates in the wind direction, and its scientific name is a structure machine. In particular, 3 circular glass lenses are inlaid into a bowl shape, and plastic materials are fixed in the model. There are 3 lenses in total. Fan blades with bearings inlaid in the center.


The bird repellent is a one-foot-long plastic pole as a support point, and there is a U-shaped bracket underneath, which fixes the wire on the crossbar of the electric pole fitting. After the breeze in the air passes, the bird repellent machine can continue to rotate.


The bird repellent has the function of chasing birds. The rescue machine uses three lenses to reflect and rotate, which can scare and drive away the birds.


The main purpose of installing the structure device is to prevent birds from being exposed on the power line of the pole tower, the T contact, the knife installation place, the arrester installation place, the oil switch installation, the circuit breaker installation, the branch line Construction of new houses at the installation place and so on.


The purpose of installing the bird repellent is to protect the high-voltage lines above 10 kV, prevent line tripping accidents caused by line grounding due to the construction of new houses, and avoid affecting the normal and safe operation of power line equipment.


What is the development prospect of bird repellent? Let's analyze it together.


Chasing birds is gradually developing in the direction of comprehensive structure and ecological structure, and new rescue equipment emerges in an endless stream. The hunting and other methods used in the past are no longer used, and bird repelling is gradually moving toward ecological and green birds. High-tech elements are constantly reflected in new bird repelling equipment, which shows the enhancement of national ecological awareness and the improvement of scientific and technological strength worldwide.


Bird repelling urgently needs to solve the problem of blind bird repelling that birds are easy to adapt to, the range of birds is small, the validity period is short, the cost is high, and there is no target. Solve these problems, that is, the direction and prospect of chasing birds in the future.