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Pressure Measuring Instruments

Features:   Needle holds reading until released by pressing the button. Measures in both for PSI (from 0 to 50 for psi) and BAR (0 - 3.5 bar). calibrated in lbs. kpa, kgs or bar. Fitted with 45° angle chuck to allow easy connection to tire valve. To save gas and keep tire wear with proper..
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Description:   0-10bar/0-145psi G1/4 Battery-Powered Digital Pressure Gauge Pressure Tester   Features:    Fast Collection Speed; Automatically pressure stabilization technology on zero point; Various accuracy to meet the different requirements; Nice shock resistance and vibration resistance; Displa..
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Description :0-130Kg Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength Meter Force Measurement Tool EvaluationFeatures :Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength Meter!!Handy and reliable!!Handy dynamometer is ideal for routine screening of hand grip strength at home or in school.Dynamometer measures isometric grip force from 0 ..
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Features:Used for: pumps, compressors, hydraulic presses, machinery, pneumatic equipment and motors in harsh environments, where harmful vibration and pulsation are present.   Specification: Pressure gauge: Ø63mm-10MPa(10MPA/100Kg/c㎡) QTY: 1PC Pressure gauge: Ø63mm-25MPa(25MPA/250Kg/c㎡) QTY: 1PC ..
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Features: Design for athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to increase their hand, wrist, forearem and finger strength for rock climbing, shooting,bodybuilding, golf, tennis etc. The easily adjustable dial and wide range of tensions make the hand exerciser a popular choice for those with arthr..
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Specifications:   Model:AK-2011 Measuring Range:0-4MPA Material:Brass+Soft cover Color:Red Size:147mm*145mm*107mm   Features:   Brass boby,flexible glue sleeve with tight construction and good seal feature 5/8 BSP Gas Bottle fitting Comes with anti-shock sleeve Pressure gauge for easy reading Extern..
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Features : Sensitive and accuracy Turbo pressure Measurement. Clear and bright LED display during the night. Easy installation and operation.   Specification : Material: ABS&Metal Housing Color: Grey Light Color: Red Voltage : 12V Height: 47mm1.85” Diameter: 57mm/2.24” Wire Length: 49cm/19.29” The D..
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Features:52mm dual air pressure gauge with red LED readings of pressure,rapid and accurate response, easy to read.The range of the sensors is from 0 psi to 290 psi.The thread on the sensors is 1/8NPT.High contrast PMVA LCD screen and high quality sensors with heat-resistant.The sensors are full elec..
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Item Description:   > Scuba Tank Pressure Checker for DIN Valve Tanks > Reading: 0 to 5000 PSI / 0 to 350 BAR  > Easy Twist On/Off Pressure Release > Material: Chrome Plated Marine Brass with Rubber Boot > Made of good quality copper with excellent sealing, waterproof, solid, durable and wear-resist..
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Features:Detachable bracket and replaceable stylus. Quick replacement and easy disassembly.HW, HB, HV, HRE 4 kinds of unit switchSmall and portable, quick measurement.The Barcol Hardness Tester is mainly used to test the hardness of aluminum and aluminum alloys, and can also test the hardness of oth..
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Description:   Made of fine quality aluminum alloy, practical, easy to operate and use, wide application range, has a long service life. Features:   Made of fine quality 7075 aluminum alloy, practical and wear-resistant, not easy to rust. Easy to use and carry, high accuracy, more professional, has ..
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Features:APT-100 is a test equipment for automotive pressure components (such as cylinder pressure, exhaust pressure)Small and easy to useSupport chargingSpecification:The equipment has three gears:15 to 500psi (34. 5bar)1V/100psi (6.89bar)15 to 50psi (3. 45bar)1V/10psi (0.689bar)2. 5 to 5psi (0. 34..
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