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Motor PWM Speed Controller

Content-Length: 1877 > Features:   1. Mainly used in some 220V 110V electronic products, such as 220V electric furnace wire thermostat, incandescent bulb dimming, 220V fan, 110V electric drill marble speed control and so on. 2. SCR to increase the RC absorpt..
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Content-Length: 1934 > Feature:20A large current to drive 1200W motor, dual power tube design, variable speed 0-100% Input voltage: DC10-60V Output voltage: Load Linear Output Current: 0-20A Continuous power: 1200W Speed Type: adjusting flow Speed mode..
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Content-Length: 2284 > Features:   Mini wide voltage DC motor governor, using the latest low voltage drive technology, suitable for voltage wide DC5-35V (5-9V input needs to be shorted), with self-recovery fuse, also suitable for LED dimming.   Spe..
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Content-Length: 1955 > Features: Voltage range: DC10V-40V For current: Rated current 10A, maximum current 15A Speed range: 0-100% PWM frequency: 21kHz Potentiometer: Resistance B100K, line length 40cm, 8mm holeAttention:Suit for 1..
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Content-Length: 2755 > Features: 1. Connect the motor, the motor wire can be positive or negative. 2. Adjust the switch, the forward and reverse switch is used to control the direction of the motor speed. When the switch is at the zero position, the motor s..
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Content-Length: 1912 > Parameter:   Input voltage: DC 12V / 24V Applicable working current: within 3A Size: 57*37*17mm (length*width*height) Speed range: 0%-100%   Note:   The governor automaticall..
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Content-Length: 2252 > Specifications:   Input voltage: DC9-55V Output voltage: linear under load Output limit current: 40A (20A for long time, pay attention to keep the module cool and cool) Power: 2000W Speed control type: flow adjustment ..
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Voltage: DC 24V Precise details>> Precise details: Description: Material: plastic, metal Suitable for electric furnace, water heater, lamps, small motor, electric iron. etc Input Volt..
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Content-Length: 1955 > Specifications:   PCB board size: 3.2CM*3.3CM Rated power: P=UI; 500W=220V*2.27A Model: 500W dimming governor; Rated power: 500W; Suitable for dimming speed control of AC motors, lamps, etc. above 100W and be..
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Content-Length: 1979 > Feature: 1. It is suitable for driving stepper motors of 8V~35V 2A or less 2. Only simple step and direction control interface 3. Five different stepping modes: full, half, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 4. The adjustable potentio..
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Content-Length: 1844 > Feature:   1. Onboard Two PCS HG7881 motor controller chip 2. Can drive 2 DC motors simultaneously, or one 4-wire 2-phase stepping motor 3. Input voltage: 2.5-12V 4. Has a continuous current of 800mA per channel output ..
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Content-Length: 1843 > Feature:   Rated power: P = UI; 500W = 220V * 2.27A Model: 500W dimming governor Resistance: 500K Style: Single flower handle with switch (original BT136-600E high power SCR) Handle length: 20MM Rated power:..
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