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Multi-functional Tools

Description :10-In-1 Multi Credit Card Serrated Knife Companion Tools With Compass Magnifying Screwdriver Tweezers Can Opener ToothpickFeatures :1. Lighter, thinner, card type design, more suitable for outdoor use.2. Only 5mm thickness, can be easily placed in the wallet, is the most conve..
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Description :   11 in 1 Multifunction Pliers Knife Toos Outdoor Travel Hunting Camping Equipment This tool collection 11 kind multi-function just in one set, ably include usual fishing needed tools to in it, is greatly saved your space, easy to carry, and practical for use. Compare to the other mult..
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Specification: Over Length: 11.2cm Close Length: 6.1cm Weight: 130g Material: Stainless Steel Functions: 1.Awl 2.Plier 3. Fixture 4. Bottle Opener 5. Crimping Plier 6. Three Side File 7. Screwdriver 8. Jewellery Screwdriver Bit 9. Scale 10. Wire Cutter 11. K-nife  Package Included:1 x 11 in 1 Pocket..
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Features:   Multi-Purpose Updated Tactics Kit: 11 in 1 multi professional emergency survival kits. Containing: Wire Saw, Light Pliers,Medical Tape,Emergency Blanket,Flashlight,Whistle,Compass,Hanging buckle,Multi-function k nife,Multifunctional Saber Card,Waterproof and shockproof case. Tactics Mili..
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Description : Multi-function Hand Tools Universal Repair Tools 11-32mmDiameter 43 mm, suit for 11-32mm nut and most irregular shape. Adapter size: 1/2 inch, length 5cm.It's the amazing repair tools you never meet before. greate use for your work, and multi-use in many are..
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Features:   The product is made from high quality metal material, which is not only durable but also stable to use for a long-lasting life. Allen wrench or a pipe wrench, scale, such as guitar or bass idea tool that contains the essential tool 11 species in one of the body in various parts of th..
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Features:    An multi tool (sport tool or recreation tool), ideal for backpacking. camping, river rafting, diving, kayaking, climbing. boating, fishing and daily works use.   Specification:   Body Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade material: 2CR13/SS420 Hardness: 58HRC Net Weight: 8..
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Description :12cm Multifunction Mini Folding Knivees Charms Keychain Gift Tool4 function to solve many little problem in our dailylife. Handy and sturdy, easy to carry it everywhere and great helper for you.Real sharp and cool design, it is also a nice and useful gift gadget !Specification :Material..
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Description:13 in 1 Multifunction Folding Pocket Army Knife Camping Outdoor Survival Tool Swiss Style Knife Camping   Features: This product wear-resistant stainless steel, rugged, easy to wear, outside the framework of the use of steel and plastic, non-slip design, feel fine and comfortable, light ..
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Description :14 in 1 Multi-function Screwdriver Knife Wrench Survival Mini Tools CardThe PRT life saving card has amazing small size and has a total of 14 functions.The product is a set of perfect combination of condensed version diversified functions, it is much smaller even than a credit cards or ..
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Description :   The key-sized super 15-in-1 folding tool (15-in-1) can be hung on the key ring. Unlike most similar products, it is not only capable of providing multiple sizes of splay and Phillips screwdrivers. Tools such as pliers and wire strippers are also provided, which are more practical...
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Features : 15-in-1 multifunctional tool to meet your different needs. Snowflake shape, lovely appearance. High-quality alloy steel material with high hardness. Heat treatment and sandblasting treatment process. Smooth and glossy surface can give you good hand feeling.   Specification :   Diamete..
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