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RF amplifier

Content-Length: 2018 > Features:   The amplifier has the advantages of wide frequency range, high gain and low noise figure. Can be used for a variety of radio frequency reception before, increase the communication distance! Wide range of shortwav..
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Features:   -This product with wide frequency range, high gain, low noise figure -This product can be applied to various RF receive front-end and increases communication distance -Used for Short wave, FM radio, remote control receiver, such as cable TV signal amplifier need low noise RF sig..
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Content-Length: 2065 > null Applications:   The amplifier has the advantages of wide frequency range and high gain, which can be used for various RF receiving gain modules to increase the communication distance. Wide-range short-wave, FM radio, remote receive..
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Content-Length: 2157 > NOTICE: It is a diy kit, needs to solder it and without heatsink    Electrical parameters:   1. Operating frequency band 1.8 - 54 MHz  2. Power supply voltage: 12V-16V 3. Current..
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Voltage: DC5V Precise details>> Precise details: Technical parameters: Supply voltage: 5V Output frequency: 10MHz Signal strength: 13dBm (20mW) Board Size: 33*33mm Package included: 1 x..
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Voltage: 12V Precise details>> Precise details: Features: Small size, easy to disassemble, suitable for outdoor setting and QRP use. (Note: For long-term outdoor use, the upper and lower ..
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Content-Length: 2302 > Application: Broadband RF power amplifier for all types of wireless applications, FM shortwave radios remote control toys, digital radio, etc., enter 1 milliwatt (0DBM) maximum output of 3 watts, 15V voltage supply, broadband wor..
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Price Tag: US$ 5.99 - US$ 15.99 Precise details>> Precise details: Application:   Broadband RF power amplification, suitable for HF FM VHF UHF FM transmission ..
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Price Tag: US$ 15.99 - US$ 30.99 Precise details>> Precise details: Description: This filter has a center frequency of 2450MHz, a bandwidth of 150MHz, and an LC bandpass structure with no..
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Content-Length: 1816 > Features:   Input and output interface: SMA@50 Ohms Center frequency: 2450 MHz Passband (1dB bandwidth): 100 MHz In-band insertion loss:..
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X-Akamai-Transformed: 9 - 0 pmb=mRUM,1 Content-Length: 1831 > Features:   1. Signanl generator and spectrum analyzer frequency range: 35M-4.4G 2. MIN step: 1K 3. Output power(reference): 0dBm@1G 4. Frequency accuary(calibration): +-0.1k@1GHz 5. Spec..
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Content-Length: 1733 > Specification: Name: 35M-4400M aluminum alloy version spectrum analyzer Host size: 93*26*19MM Product weight: 108 g Package included: 1 x Analyzer  1 x USB Cable..
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