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Features : Using non-clutch structure to achieve automatic rotation of the measurement direction. Dovetail mount for mounting the indicator from the top, rear, or front. Durable, accurate measurement, with high sensitivity and rapid response capability. 0-0.3" measuring range, 0.0005 " scale, 0-15-0..
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Description:   SHAHE 0-0.8mm 0.01mm Precision Lever Dial Test Indicator Measuring ToolFeatures: 1.Facilitate accurate measurement of narrow and concave surfaces,and difficult to measure inside and outside diameters. 2.Using a special device to achieve automatic turning of measuring direction. 3.Meas..
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Features:High quality drill core, ceramic probe. The offset of the product can be accurately measured Type: 0-10MM Reading value: 0.01MM   Package included:1 x Dial Indicator   Details pictures:..
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Features:High quality drill core, ceramic probe. The offset of the product can be accurately measured.   Specification: Type: 0-10MM Table Diameter: 58mm Reading value: 0.01MM   Package included:1 x Dial Indicator   Details pictures:..
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Features:Detachable and replaceable probeCell phone connection bluetooth testSpecifications:Measuring range: 0-12.7mm, 0-25. 4mmResolution: 0.01mm/0.0005inchMeasurement accuracy: ± 0.03mmMeasuring force:..
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Feature:With large digital displayPreset actual position valueLarge capacity 3V lithium batteryAutomatic/manual shutdownAbsolute/incremental measurementMetric inch conversion in any positionWith data output interfaceSpecifications:Item NO.Range(mm)Resolution(mm/in)AccuracyBF312A10-12.70.01/0.0005"20..
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Description :   0-12.7mm/0.5inch 0.01mm Digital Dial Indicator Electronic Dial GaugeFeatures : 1. Zero setting at any position. 2. "on/off" button. 3. Metric/inch system interchange at any position. 4. With data output interface.   Specification : Resolution : 0. 01mm/0. 0005" Measuring range :  0-1..
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Descriptions: Suitable For:    1. Optical instrumentation platform displacement amount of the fine adjustment.  2. For XY table suitable for fine adjustment of a variety of precision instruments, and measuring equipment.  3. LCD production and testing equipment.  4. The liquid crystal prism camera p..
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Description :0-150mm 0.01mm Remote Digital Readout linear Scale External DisplayFeatures : Vertical & Horizontal Beam 2-in-1 for Router lift, Router table, Planer& Table Saw.Quick measure speed at 120" per second.Large crystal LCD display remote readout display convenient for reading an..
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0-150MM 0.01mm/0.0004” Outside Micrometer Set Machinist Tool CarbideSpecification:Accuracy: 0.01mmMaterial: Super Hard CarbideBox size: 32cm x18.3cm x 15.5cmMeasuring ranges: 0-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-75mm                                 75-100mm,100-125mm, 125-150mmFeatures:Super Hard Carbide Tipped Anvi..
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Features:One-handed operation, comfortable grip, convenient measurementUsing i8 chip technology, high stability, high performance, low power consumptionEasy battery replacementDigital display + scale, double reading display, can be used without powerIP65 waterproofAlloy measuring surface, durable an..
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Description :0-25mm 0.01mm Metric Diameter Micrometer Gauge Caliper ToolNice measure tool in tiny price, well balanced thimble diameter with distinct figures for easy reading.Excellent for making precise measurements.And it also can be a good teaching aid tool in engineering and technical schools.Sp..
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