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USB Testers

Features:   1) 8192 pixels HD display. 2) D+ D- Voltage Tester. 3) Memory power time data such as power. 4) The single monitoring shows charging voltage, current, power, power WH,mAH, charging time and other information. 5) USB is the copper pin and a low resistance in sampling technology, acce..
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Specification:   1. Input USB. 2. RTZ, Reset button, press it three seconds will Reset. 3. Out USB. 4. Voltage: 4V-20V ( 1% accuracy ). 5. Current: 0-3A ( accuracy of 0.4% ). 6. Battery Capacity (0-99999mah). 7. Working time (0-99Hour). 8. The working time and Capacity have Memory function when..
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Specification:   Voltage: 3.5-20V Current: 5A Power: 100W Extreme high voltage: 22V Extreme low voltage: 3.0V   Package includes:   1 X USB controller APP download address:   Apple IOS: Search in Apple Store: Xinyilian or sinilink   Android:
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Features:   35W constant current double adjustable electronic load + QC2.0/3.0 triggers quick voltage usb tester voltmeter aging discharge. Intelligent temperature control. Double adjustment design. Industrial grade long life. 35W power continuous discharge. Voltage: 1-25V Current: 0.1..
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Specification:USB tester  1. Input Voltage: 3V - 30V 2.Input current : 0 - 5.1A  3.Cumulative capacity range: 0-99999 mah precision: 0.001 Ah 4.Charge accumulation scope: 0-999999 MWH precision: 0.001 Wh 5.Cumulative power range: 0-299.999W precision: 0.001W 6.Timing the maximum..
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Description :KEWEISI 4V-9V 0-3A USB Charger Power Detector Battery Capacity Tester Voltage Current MeterFeatures :It can measure the USB-powered devices empty and easy to use and practical.Compact and easy to carry, no additional power supply, plug and play.It can easily measure the output volt..
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Upgraded to Color Screen Version (from 2019/08/15)Features:   Voltage measuring range:  3.33V ~ 33.0 V                         Resolution precision: 0.01 V Current measuring range: 0.00 ~ 5.00 A & DIY 15A     &n..
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Features:Light-weight, convenient to carry.Your internet won't off even the power off.Attach a adapter to meet different connector routers.Easy to operate.   Specification:Input voltage: 5VOutput voltage: 9V / 12VCurrent max: 9V/1A, 12V/0.8ACable length: 0.8mItem size: 6.6 x 2.2 x 1.5inItem wei..
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Specification: Model: AT34 Display Screen: 096inch color IPS display Voltage Measurement Range: 3.70V-30.00V Voltage Measurement Resolution: 0.01V Voltage Measurement Accuracy: ±(0.8%+4digits under 25℃) Current Meaurement Range: 0-4.0000A Current Measurement Resolution: 0.001A Current Measurement Ac..
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Features: 1.With HID driver-free connection and upgrade interface 2. Support regular fast charge protocol detection, pass-through meter, without PD 3.Compatible with multiple fast charge modes 4.PD charging state detection, with bidirectional current indication 5. Full Pin USB-C interface supports U..
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1.Description:       XY-SUPA is a DC adjustable step up/down power supply module with 3Bit LED digital tube display.Display output voltage and output current in real time.Press two buttons to adjust output voltage.Set output voltage to meet the require.It can be used as ordinary buck ..
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Features:   1. Using 5A high current USB interface, it can realize 5A high current measurement, and it is not easy to burn USB interface due to overheating. 2. Fast charge identification covers almost all fast charge protocols, including Huawei FCP and SCP, which satisfy Huawei mobile phone use..
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