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Network Module

Description:  4P power 1 to 8-way cooling fan splitter hubSupport multi-channel 3PIN fan simultaneously startSupport chassis traces3M glue in PCB backside, stick on your PC case firmly2 Level Speed Controller: low speed, full speed. and power offFit for 12V 3pin cooling fan, 8 way total electric cur..
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Features: High-strength anti-deformation baffle, standard 4u baffleFutong 5751 chip, integrated PXE start, more convenient to usePCIE thickened gold finger gold plated, fully shielded gold plated interfaceSuper compatibility, as long as the motherboard has PCIE Specifications: Item Type: -Network Ad..
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Voltage: 12V Precise details>> Precise details: Description:Suitable for 12V 4pin fans.Power supply IDE interface input.Support 10-way 4pin fans start at the same time, solve motherboard interface shortag..
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Descriptions:  Technology: DDR2 SDRAMForm factor: SODIMM 200-pinMemory speed [MHz]: 800 MHzCapacity: 2GBMemory specification compliance: PC2-6400Data Integrity Check: Non-ECCCAS Latency timings: CL5Supply Voltage: 1.8 VFit: Laptop notebook  Package Included:  1 x 2GB Laptop memory..
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Instructions for use:  Insert the parallel port card into the parallel port of the notebook (print port), then connect the USB cable. Turn on the notebook or desktop power. According to the data display, the fault card reference table can be used to determine the fault.Features:  1. Applicable to la..
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Feature: Expanded 5-bit fan 5-pin interface to solve the problem of insufficient motherboard interface and centralized processing of fan wires. The pwm interface is connected to the motherboard cpu fan interface, the first cpu fan dedicated interface. The FAN1/FAN2/FAN3 interface is a pwm convention..
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Description:Suitable for 12V 4pin fans.Power supply IDE interface input.Support 10-way 4pin fans start at the same time, solve motherboard interface shortage and deal with the back EVA double-sided adhesive, you can fix the hub on the chassis.Support pwm function, fan automatic speed control.The PWM..
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The main function:●Serial port→server supports transparent transmission to 5 servers at the same time;● Transparent transmission between RS485, RS232 and TTL is possible;●Support Server and Client online at the same time;●Rich and complete registration package mechanism and anti-dropping mechanism;●..
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Voltage: DC5V Precise details>> Precise details: Feature:High-performance 10/100Mbps Ethernet transceiver (PHY)Ultra-low power design, can use 3.3V±0.3V single power supplyUsing 0.18µm CMOS process techno..
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Documents:USER MANUALCodeSoftwareFeatures:Using M4 series 32-bit ARM processor, the main frequency is up to 120MHz, the running speed is fast, stable and reliableSupport 10/100M Ethernet interface, support Auto-MDI/MDIX (Cross-connect direct network cable arbitrary connection, automatic switching)Su..
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Voltage: 5V Precise details>> Precise details: Documents:User ManualFT232 Driver for WIN7-WIN10 32bitFT232 Driver for WIN7-WIN10 64bitSscom softwareFeatures:Support USB to RS232, USB to RS485, USB to TTL ..
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Feature:Chipset: RTL8111HPort number: 1* RJ45Standard: IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3u,IEEE 802.3x,IEEE 802.3abNetwork media: 10Base-T,cat3 or above UTP,10Base-Tx,cat5 UTPData rate: 10/100/1000MbpsInterface: PCI Express 1x slotAuto MDIX: YESFull Duplex Support: YESMTBF: 376,212 HoursSupport Protocol: CSMA/CD..
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