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Description:   This counter is dedicated to counting Buddh'a, stations, docks, points, tally, and vehicles entering and leaving the public, number of people, etc.; For each click, press the count button once. The large amount of records can reach 9999 times. When the maximum value is exceeded, ..
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Description: 100% brand new. 2" 52mm Tachometer. White face with blue LED. Tacho reads from 0 - 8,000 RPM. Works on 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines. NOT SUITABLE FOR diesel vehicles,ONLY FOR 12V petrol vehiclesSpecification: For:Genneral Color:Like the picture show Weight (kg):0.22 Quantity:1 PCPackage..
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Specification:   Voltage: 12V Reads: From 0 to 8,000 RPM Cable Length: About 56cm Housing :ABS plastic chrome plated   Features:   Easy install, durable,shockproof Adjustable shift light on face Works on 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines Black face ,chrome-look bezel , and bright red needle for easy view..
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Features:1. Cheap cost.2. Less maintainence.3. Subtotals can be set to 0.4. Flow Meter is designed for noncommercial use only.5. 4 Digit Diesel Fuel Oil Flow Meter6. It is used for diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene.7. The easy reset register to 0.8. The master totalizer registers 9999.9. Model Number:..
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Features:   The tachometer has the characteristics of small volume, high cost performance, quick reaction speed and beautiful appearance. Applicable to a variety of mechanical equipment of the motor speed detection, the use of this instrument can accurately measure the engine and the speed of ..
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Specifications:    Power supply: 48V - 60V Working temperature: -30 - +80 Power consumption: 0.3W-0.9W Pcb size: 105*53mm Lcd size: 86*40mm Screen color: full color   Instructions:   1, There is a protective film, you need to tear up the LCD before boxing. 2, Do not reverse the positive and negative..
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Description :5 Digit Digital Adjustable Electronic Hand Finger Ring Tally Counter For Golf Multicolor Sports DockFeatures :Small and compact desigh.LCD screen display.The circle round is adjustable.Mechanically jumps by every press, quick reaction.Reset button help to zero clearing.It is universally..
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Description:   This AC6000 is a pro airsoft chronograph with a fine quality LCD readout display and pin point FPS accuracy. It can measure muzzle Speed from 30m/s to 400m/s or 90FPS to 1200FPS, and the rate of fire r'ange is from 100 to 5000 shots per minute.   Features:   There is a tripod ready mo..
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Features:Support measuring initial speed, firing speed and energy of motion.Support free falling speed measurement, such as BBs, Steel balls and Leadballs.Equipped with memory function, multigroups of calculating data in memory to meet your various testing requirements.LCD display, multiunits displa..
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Descripton: A tachometer (RPM gauge) is an instrument measuring the rotation speed of a shaft or disk, as in a motor or other machine.  The device usually displays the revolutions per minute (RPM) on a digital displays.   Features:  Applying the MCU and electrooptical technology perform  ..
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Features:    1. CCM5D DC Motor Speed Regulator controls the speed of a DC motor by adjusting Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM).  2. Large 0.56 inch 3-digit LED display numbers allow viewing under the most adverse conditions.  3. The display range of 3-digit LED display is ''000-100''. (For example, displa..
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Feature:   With a standard size, easy to install. Have good stability, high measurement precision. Strong anti-jamming capability.   Specification:   -Color: Green, Blue -Power requirement: DC 8-24v -Measure range: 10-9999RPM -Clear zero: Automatic -Display refresher rate: 3 Times / Sec -Measure ind..
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