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Features:   Can be used to test LED Strip,lamp,LED panel,backlight,etc. Can test any size LED backlight and lamp bead You can judge whether the backlight is good or bad without disassembling the screen. Automatic detection of output voltage and current (Not Burn Out: voltage auto-change, Curren..
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Features:   1.Manual stepless pre-conditioned open-circuit voltage (20-330VDC). When testing, intelligent fully adaptable to the LED voltage light source, and no need to adjust! 2. When the output voltage is pre-set to 20V or lower, use 1mA of the transfer current to check if the IC is turned off, v..
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Features:   -Can be verified part of the circuit Ohm's law.  -Used as an additional resistor to expand the range of volts. -Used to measure unknown resistance. -Used as electromotive force and internal resistance for measuring -power supply.  -Used as a known resistor in the circuit t..
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Features:Backlight control, you can turn off or turn on the backlight by short pressing the buttonSeparate wiring terminals independently, simple wiring, no mutual interferenceNo screw elastic connection, tightly pressed, no damage to the LCDStrong and weak current circuit board, strong anti-interfe..
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Display instruction:1.VoltageMeasurement range: 40~400VDisplay format:<100V display such as:80.0V≥100V display such as:220VAccuracy: ±1%2.AmpereMeasurement range: 0~100ADisplay format: <10A display such as:1.00A<100A display such as:10.0A≥100A display such as:100AStarting measurement:0.02AAccuracy..
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Many buyers are response: Why test data is wrong?  Voltage * Current = Power, But power is less than the actual test voltage * Current, Why is that? Answer: There are three types of power: Active Power (P represents / unit W) Reactive power (Q represents / unit Var..
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Key-button Instruction:   ● Short press button to switch the backlight on and off. ● Press and hold for 3 seconds to enter the overload power setting. -- Enter the overload power setting, default value is 4.4KW. -- The highest bit flash, Short press the key corresponding to the value p..
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Features: PMMA/ABS plastic shell, B plate dial for PC material default is yellow or black & red letter (large amount can be customized according to customers demand), A (VU meter) for aluminum plate default black, aluminum needle painted red, stable support never demagnetization, high precision..
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Features:   Clear plastic shell, easy to read scale. Complete with screws for simple DIY installation. Using in the ancillary panel of the low- and high-tension switch board, power cabinet, and controlling house of the transmission and supply systems for DC power, and diverse electric control g..
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Specification: Display: Power, Voltage, Close, the key for cycle. Voltage Range: 8-70V, products will display based on the voltage value , voltage fluctuations, power meter will be follow as the voltage fluctuation! (Comes with reverse polarity protection, can be guarantee use effectively )..
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Features: Suitable for 10W-80W power amplifier. Direct connect power amplifier output, easy to use. high sensitivity.   Package included:     1 x 12v Analog Panel VU Meter Detail Pictures: ,,,,,,,,..
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Features:Mini CCFL Tester LCD TV Monitor Laptop Screen Repair Backlight Lamp Test MAX 400mm LM-12301Really a good tool for test LCD lamps!When we repair LCD screen or notebook and see a little shadow from very dark screen or get inverter protection, it's very difficult to know if problem comes from ..
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