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Transistor & LCR Tester

Description:    128 x 160 TFT Color Display Multi-functional Transistor Tester Diode Thyristor Capacitance Resistor Inductance MOSFET ESR LCR Meter  Multi-functional transistor tester for automatic detection of NPN and PNP transistors, N-channel and P-channel MOSFET, diodes, thyristors, resistors, c..
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Features: 1, High precision and high cost performance 2, LED display clearly 3, Three typical test frequenciesSpecification: Measurement Parameter L/Q, C/D,R/Q Measuring Frequency 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz Basic Accuracy 0.25% Test Level 0.3Vrms Display Range ..
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Features:   1. 240X128 dots graphic LCD display 2. 8 typical test frequencies in 100Hz~100KHz 3. 2 selectable output impedance: 30Ωand 100Ω 4. open,short and load calibration Specifications MCH-2817 Measurement parameter ..
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Features: 1. 240X128 dots graphic LCD display2. 8 typical test frequencies in 100Hz~100KHz3. 2 selectable output impedance: 30Ωand 100Ω4. open,short and load calibration Specifications MCH-2817D Measurement parameter C/D,L/Q,R/Q,Z/θ,C/R..
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Features:①The test frequency range is wide, the frequency range: 50Hz~300kHz. The frequency can be set.②Small size, light weight, easy to carry. Appearance size: 130*108*31 (mm); net weight: 315g.③Built-in battery, using 2000mAH polymer lithium battery, continuous working time exceeds 4 hours.④The r..
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AT825AT825 handheld LCR Digital electric bridge adopts high performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor. True-color TFT liquid crystal display, keypad and touch screen double control. Using Li- battery supply power. USB communication. Switch in both English and Chinese. AT826, AT825 handheld LCR digital m..
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Features:    BM4070 is inductance, capacitance and resistance measuring meter,it is a Special digital instrument which is easy to be operated, the reading accuracy degree is higher with liquid crystal display 31/2.It adopted double integral A/D converter core and a large-scale integrated circuits,..
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Description:   BM8910 Handheld Smart SMD Tester Tweezers Resistor Capacitor Diode Intelligent Testing Clips The meter is a handheld and battery-powered small tool, which is specially applied to identify resistor, capacitor and diode. Besides, it is displayed by large LCD and it will be off automatic..
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Note: the model marked on product name has been changed since 2020/08/28 old   →  newTO11 = 1832CTO22 = 1833CFeatures: 2.8 inch TFT LCD,Switch between Chinese and English HD display,dual display of measurement data,the result is clear Support data re cord analysis Support PC upper computer,e..
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Features: DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers is a tool for multi-function measurements with full differential input measurement. DT71 has a unique trinary structure, which can be separated into the controller, testing arms, and tweezer tips, which are flexible to be replaced and combined.Innovative tri..
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Description:   DY294 is mainly used for testing the DC parameters of manifold semiconductors such as diode, transistor, controlled silicon and field effect transistor. DY294 also can be used to test the withstand voltage of capacitor, protection voltage of varistor and isolation of electrical. ..
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Description:   The instrument is a small electronic enthusiasts, developers, electronic maintenance and production plant research and development of small instruments. Can be measured in-line devices, but also test chip devices, can be measured a variety of diodes, transistors, MOS tube; can determi..
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