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1 Pair Soft Foam Replacement Ear Pads Cushion for Sony MDR-V150 V250 V300 V100 HeadphoneFeatures:This ear cushion is made of soft foam and artificial leather, which makes your wearing cozy and more comfortable.Designed to enhance the fidelity of your audio by cushioning the vibrations between your e..
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Specification:Connection Mode: SIM cardbluetooth: 3.0Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900mhzStorage: 32M RAM External Storage: Support TF card, 32GBScreen Size: 1.56 inchScreen Type: 100 ~ 200Screen Resolution: 240 x 240 pixelsCamera: 30W pixel Video Storage: RenhotecTalk Time: 3HBattery Capacity: 380 m..
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Features:   Card audio cable, about 1.5 meters / 5 feet long Dual XLR plugs to 3.5 mm audio plug Metal XLR plug and 3.5 mm plug for high durability OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) conductor for improved signal clarity Ideal for playing music on professional audio devices Cover material: plastic Operating t..
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Features: Connecting your portable MP3 players with this 3.5mm plug to 2 RCA Auxiliary Cable to any of your HiFi audio, Car stereo system with AUX-Input jack. this cable can connect your MP3 players to audio amplifier system with RCA input or record from audio player to PC. Connecting ..
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Features:   XLR CABLE connects a Phone, MP3 player, tablet, laptop, or voice recorder to a mixing console or powered speakers Connect a smartphone with headphone jack to XLR input; Connect a tablet using an instrument App into a mixing console for a performance XLR TO HEADPHONE jack cable combines t..
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Features:   Advantages: dustproof, good sealing, beautiful appearance and better protection of records Size: 26.9cm x 26.9cm + 4cm Weight: about 0.34kg Material: OPP Thickness: double sided 10 wireNote:  Please note that the bag will have an error of 1-2mm.(It can not be too thick.)Package Included:..
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Features: Support USB Type-C DisplayPort Alt Mode. The standard USB-C interface supports forward and backward insertion. Support PD charging function power up to 60W (5~20V/3A Only charging) Max. Port use black rubber core + nickel plated shell. Adopt standard USB-A interface. ..
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Features: It is a mini FM transmitter, we can use it transform the audio to FM radio waves, then use FM receiver to receipt the audio. All audio equipments with 3.5MM connector, such as MP3, mobile phone, car display, car DVD, computer, television and others can be transformed into FM. All equipment..
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Specification: Type A: Single disc PVC Bag ,diameter 32.2cm x 32cm 6.5cm Type B: Thickening and Widening PVC Bag , diameter 32.5cm x 32cm 6.5cm   Material:PVC Thickness: double face 25 wire Advantages: dustproof, beautiful appearance ,Non-viscose,Can be recycled and better p..
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Specifications:   Material: kraft bag Advantages: dustproof ,antistatic Count : 10 Pieces Made of 100 Gram Kraft Paper, not ordinary paper . Kraft Paper is vey thick and adequate quality .   Note:   Two bottom corners are all pasted by hand.   Package Included:   10 x Records Kraft Paper Inner Sleev..
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Features:   Easier to read labels when they’re organized neatly on a shelf Durable, square, form-fitting design They can be safely stacked for quick access Application: The clear plastic cases protect cartridges from dust, dirt, moisture Material: PET Size: About 128 x 128 x 25mm   Package Included:..
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Specifications:   Material: kraft bag Advantages: dustproof ,antistatic Made of 100 Gram Kraft Paper, not ordinary paper . Kraft Paper is vey thick and adequate quality .   Package Included:   10 x Records Kraft Paper Inner Sleeves..
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