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Laser Sight

Specification:Material: Brass, Steel, NylonLength: 17.2cm / 6.8"Large End Brush Size (L*W*H): 37x7x12mmSmall End Brush Size (L*W*H): 22x2x8mmFeatures:- Includes 3 brushes, 3 types of double-ended brushes: Brass, Steel, Nylon.- Versatile cleaning capabilities with both a large and small end, 7 inch t..
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Features: - Great cleaning maintenance kit exclusive for M16. - Lightweight, with a belt attachment, components are durable. - Keep it rust-fre, protected, safe, and ready to use. - Simple snap buttons with 2 pockets that allow you keep your brushes and accessories cleaning kit packs tightly..
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Features: 1. Works great for both right and left handed golfers. 2. Give a laser guide point during your putt to check your putting plane, long working distance 3. Attach to all model golf putters in seconds. 4. Fine tuned laser technology which always remains straight. 5. This product needs two 1.5..
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