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Signal Generator

Features:   - Adjustable analog 0-10V adjustable output  - Voltage value display  - Display accuracy (Adjustment): 0.1 (Fine adjustment) or 1.0 (Rough adjustment).  - Have power supply reverse polarity and output short-circuit protection.  - Encoder adjustment, can be manual adjustment or automatic ..
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0.5Mhz-470Mhz RF Signal Generator Meter Tester for FM Radio Walkie-Talkie Debug   Descriptions:   - For FM walkie-talkie debugging - Frequency 0.5M --- 470M - Signal strength -70--132dBm - Built-in 800Hz tone modulation - Use 8--12V DC power supply - Frequency 7 digits Example: 439012.5KHZ..
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Features:   ● Support the WiFi WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) feature outdoors. ● Wireless antenna WiFi 1000 meters Operating Range(The actual use should depend on the environment). ● 1W ultra-high output, waterproof design for indoor and outdoor use. Intelligent antenna for long distance connectivity. 13dB..
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The voltage controlled oscillator is specially designed for the 2.4GHz system, and is made with high performance VCO module. The low power, low phase noise, output stability, frequency response and tuning linearity are far superior to the components made by the discrete components. This product has ..
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Description:Shell: ultra-thin, non-slip, comfortable to the touch; matte surface, not easy to produce scratches; upper and lower covers are tightly sealed;Terminals: high-quality environmental protection copper slotted screws, not easy to slip; black and beautiful;Output signal: The voltage adjustab..
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Specification: Active current output: 0-24ma, maximum load 750ohm Voltage output: 0-12v 24V voltage output: drive current 50MA, please not more than 50MA Built-in Large-capacity lithium battery-powered,20MA continuous output for more than 6 hours With internal battery voltage hint, (UV ligh..
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Description:   5-12V Portable VGA SVGA XGA Color Test Signal Generator V2.0 60HZ F LCD&CRT Display TesterFeatures :   This generator is a simple and compact VGA/SVGA/XGA color generator. It is a unique, practical product for testing and adjusting VGA/SVGA/XGA display devices such as monitors, projec..
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Features :   1. Reliable circuit system guarantees high stability and accuracy. 2.Vertical panel integration guarantees ease of use of the device 3. The frequency range is selectable from 10Hz-1MHz, and it can be calibrated on a dial in five ranges. Under no load When exceeding 5Vrms, 600 ohm load, ..
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Feature:   By rotating a multi-cycle precise potentiometer, this product can generate 0/4 - 20mA current signal and 0-10V voltage signal, which can used as signal generator, valve adjustment, inverter control, PLC debugging, panel debugging, LED testing, simulating the output of transmitter.   Speci..
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Descriptions:   Power supply voltage: USB 5V (can work continuously for 8 hours when the built-in battery is fully charged)   Product function: PWM mode, pulse mode, signal source mode, sine wave mode   PWM mode: voltage, frequency, duty cycle are adjustable, frequency accuracy is up to 0.1%; voltag..
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Features: Input power is DC 3.3-30V, recommended power supply is 12-24VDC. Input power supply, product can generate 4-20mA current output by manual adjusting potentiometer, used for current analog quantity 4-20mA output. Output current can be constant automatically at setting value according to..
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Descriptions: Input signal parameters signal Range Precision Resolution Current 0-24mA 0.5% 0.01mA DC Voltage(V) -35-35V 0.5% 0.1 %FS AC Voltage(V) -35-35V 0.5% 0.1 %FS ..
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