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Thickness Gauges

Description :0 to 10x0.1mm Round Dial Thickness Gauge Measurement Tool Measuring Range : 0-10mm Accuracy : 0.1mm Material : Metal, Plastic Size : 4 x 1.3 x 7.5cm/ 1.6" x 0.5" x 2.9"(L*W*H) Main Color : Silver Tone Weight : 106gLight weight, easy to use. Works fine, the measurement precision.Package ..
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Feature:* Metal casing & handle, compact & firm structure, convenient & stable operation* Can connect to computer or PLC* Quick display of the measured value on big LCD screen * With on-off power switch & Auto power-off for option* Three function key* mm/inch measurement sy..
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Description:With on-off power keyFast display data for large LCD screen3V environmental battery (not included)Suitable for measuring the thickness of flat materials, soft materials, hard materials, etc.Usage:Depress the lever, therefore separate the upper and lower measuring heads, and wipe the..
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Features: Item Type:Tire Repair Tools . This lightweight item provides an easy and effective method of checking tyre tread depth. Easy to use. Pocket Sized. Range of Application: 0 - 20 mm Recommended Limits: Summer Tyre 3mm Winter Tyre 4mm   Package Included:1 x Tyre Depth G..
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Features:Made of alloy materials, the thickness gage is resistant to temperature change and crash.Small and easy to carry, can be used to measure jewelry, leather,metal sheets, paper, thin film, wire and similar materials.Specifications:Material:Carbon SteelColor:Gray and WhiteDisplay: Mechanical Di..
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Features:The moving parts made of special wear mainly stainless steel,with good resistance and anti-rust properties.Simple structure,convenient and stable operation.Shockproof structure of rack.Hardened alloy measuring head.Specifications:Product nameMeasuring rangeDivision valuePrecision  3 extensi..
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Features:   -Ceramic measuring head, metal casing & handle, compact & firm structure, convenient & stable operation -Throat depth 120mm -Quick display of the measured value on big LCD screen  -With on-off power switch & Auto power-off for option  -Three function key -Z..
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Features: Made from extra strong composites of carbon fiber. Durable Linght weight you want to use. 8mm LCD display. Suitable for measuring paper thickness id, film, yarn, plates, jewery, leather ect. Size: 10.5 x 3.5 x 2 cm   Measuring range: 0-12.7mm / 5 inch Resolution: 0.01mm / 0.0005 inch. Prec..
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Features: Precise Shape Duplication: This profile gauge works well in copying the shape of any irregular items, replicate the shape of moldings or match cut outs, exactly for woodworking or tile flooring/linoleum installation/winding pipes/circular frames/ducts and so on.Multi-Scene Application: The..
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Feature:Simple operation and portable design,small size.Small diameter probe, automatic identification of substrate type, micron-level accuracy.Specification:All-in-oneSplitSuitable for used car evaluation test or factory evaluation testWith line probe, suitable for measuring pipes/cylinders,arcs, n..
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Description:   CM8801FN Fe and NFe 2 in 1 Car Body Paint Gauge Coating Thickness Meter Film Thickness Tester     How to choose a coating gauge ? ►Coating Thickness Gauge can easily measure the the thickness of the kinds of coating , painting , film... on all the metals . And ther..
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Features:   Large and clear TFT Screen(160x128TFT) Auto recognition of the substrate material (Fe or NFe) Metric/imperial switchable (mil/um switchable) Single / Continue measurement selectable Flip display, Easy Reading  at any condition and angle 99 data  memory Simultaneously displ..
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