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Power Supply Module

Description:   TL431 Positive & Negative Dual Output  ±1% Precision voltage reference Module   ±2.5V: Input Voltage ±3.5-10.1V,Output Voltage ±2.5V Input Current 2.5-16MA,MAX Output Current 0.6-14MA   ±3.3V: Input Voltage ±4.3-10.9V,Output Voltage ±3.3V Input Current 2.5-15MA,MAX Outpu..
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WITRN -PS500W ID: 1689276Input: TYPE-C interface: Automatically deceives the highest voltage of PD, supports Emarker line, maximum 20V5A, 100WDC interface: 5.5*2.5 DC interface, internal and external negative, input power is not recommended more than 300WXT30 interface: Supports up to 30A input, inp..
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Voltage: DC5V Precise details>> Precise details: Feature:Performance: WaterproofDimensions: 27 x 15 x 18mm (including fixing flange size)Range: DC3.50-30.0V, 2-line (with reverse polarity protection)Displ..
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Voltage: Buck Precise details>> Precise details: Description:1. Input Voltage: 0.9-5V; output voltage: 5V 2. Maximum Output Current: 480mA 3. Starting Up Voltage: 0.8V; output current: 7mA 4. Input Voltag..
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Voltage: DC5V Precise details>> Precise details: Descriptions:          1-Cell(1S) Version:        Input voltage : DC 4.5V-5.5V(Recommend DC 5V) Charging voltage about : 1.35V-1.7V Charging current about..
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Feature:   Input voltage 0.9-5V; output voltage 5V Maximum output current: 480Ma Starting voltage 0.8V, output current 7MA Input 1-1.5V, output 5V 40-100MA Input 1.5-2V, output 5V 100-150MA Input 2-3V, output 5V 150-380MA Input more than 3V, output 380-480MA Operating frequency: 150KHZ Typical conve..
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Feature:   Input voltage 0.8-3.3V output voltage 3.3V Maximum output current: 500 mA Starting voltage 0.8V, output current 10MA Input 1-1.5V, output 3.3V 50-110MA Input 1.5-2V, output 3.3V 110-160MA Input 2-3V, output 3.3V 160-400MA Input more than 3 v, and have spent 5V output of 400-400 MA Operati..
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10 Pcs Step Up Power Apply Module 2A 2V-24V DC-DC Booster Power ModuleDescription:Maximum output current: 2AMaximum output voltage: 2V-28VMaximun input voltage: 2V-24VEfficiency: Max 93%Size: 36 x 17 x 14 mmNote:The input voltage should not exceed the maximum input voltage.The peak current output cu..
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Feature:   Input: 10V-30V Output: 5.3V 8A Input port: 5.5*2.1 Female interface, Compatible with 5.5*2.5 (Line head direct access)   6 USB interface Output features:   Custom Ferro-silicon-aluminum Inductors, add input and output with TVS protection, support 12V car 24V truck use, synchronous rectifi..
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Feature:Working voltage: DC 10 V~50 VSize(L*W*H): 110 x 75 x 36 mmMaximum current: 60 ASpeed range: 0%~100%Sustained current: 40 AForward reverse: RenhotecOutput voltage: Load linearSpeed principle: Current regulationSpeed control type: Adjust the currentSpeed adjustment way: Potentiometer (with swi..
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10000W SCR Voltage Regulator Speed Controller Dimmer Thermostat AC 220VDescription:Voltage: AC 220VMaximum power: 10000W (connected resistive load, 220VAC)Voltage regulation: AC 10V to 220VACDimension: 130 x 60 x 47mmRated current: 25A MAX 45AFor electric furnace, water heater, lamps, small motor, e..
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