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Sensor & Detector Module

Feature:CJMCU-90614 is a low-cost infrared temperature module.Working voltage 3-5v Low power consumption and small size.Its working principle is to read infrared temperature data through single chip microcomputer, serial port (TTL level)Communication mode output (the baud rate can be set): The baud ..
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Brand:Renhotec Precise details>> Precise details: Description:This is a self-locking, double row switch, and it is not soldering, need to solder it yourself.Package included:1 x CJMCU-010 With Lock Button..
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Introduction:1. Operating Voltage:2.0V-5.5V2. Max Power Consumption:11.5uA;low power consumption 1.5uA3. External Configure Pin Set Multiple Modes4. High Reliability:chip built-in anti-shaking circuit5. Can be used on glass,ceramic,plastic surface6. Size:30*24mmApplications:1. Household Appliances2...
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Description:CJMCU-0401 is a touch IC designed with capacitive sensing principle. Its stable sensing method can be applied to a variety of electronic products, the panel dielectric can be completely insulated material, designed to replace the traditional mechanical structure switch or ordinary button..
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Feature:  Pressure: 300 - 1200 hPa. Temperature: -40°C to 85 °C.Pressure sensor precision: ± 0.006 hPa (or ±5 cm) (high precision mode).Pressure sensor accuracy: ± 0.06 hPa (or ±50 cm) (non -linearity), ±1 hPa (or ±8 m) (absolute).Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5°C.Pressure temperature sensitivity: < 0.5..
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Description:Category: Sensors, TransducersFamily: Position Sensors - Angle, Linear Position MeasuringSeries: SV01For Measuring: Rotary PositionTechnology: ResistiveRotation Angle - Electrical, Mechanical: 0° ~ 333.3°, ContinuousOutput: Analog Voltage OutputActuator Type: Hole for ShaftLinearity: ±2%..
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Description:The HDC1080 is a digital humidity sensor with integrated temperature sensor that provides excellent measurement accuracy at very low power. The HDC1080 operates over a wide supply range, and is a low cost, low power alternative to competitive solutions in a wide range of common applicati..
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Feature:  The CJMCU-1100 sensor is mainly used to detect VOC gas such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, etc. It is a semiconductor type sensor product, which is widely used in ventilation equipment, ventilating fan, air filter, hood, hood and other equipment. It has extremely high sensitivity and s..
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More details: Click here to openFeatures:  •Low Current Consumption: As Low as 120 μA (typ) in Duty-Cycle Mode•Wide Supply Range: 2.3 V to 5.5 V•Programmable Gain: 1 V/V to 128 V/V•Programmable Data Rates: Up to 2 kSPS•Up to 20-Bits Effective Resolution•Simultaneous 50-Hz and 60-Hz Rejection at 20 S..
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Overview:The version 2 of this product adds a new SPI pin header making it compatible with newer devices including the Yun and 3.5mm connector for the electrodes.We now include the electrodes and cable also with the shield Just plug it into an and you're ready to go. The 3.5 mm circular connector pr..
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Features:  1. Wide temperature range2. No switch ON/OFF clicks3. Excellent power supply ripple rejection4. Low power consumption5. Short-circuit resistant6. High performance:high signal-to-noise ratio;high slew rate;low distortion7. Large output voltage swing  Package Included:  1 x  CJMCU-1308 Clas..
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