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Moisture Meter

Specification:Color: Green NOTE:In order to measure accurately, skinguard shoulb be put in the open area without any shield and let sun shine on the sensor vertically. WHO encourages the media and the tourism industry to publish UVI forecasts and promote sun protection message, which can reduce t..
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Features:    With barometer, thermometer and hygrometer, 3 in 1 multifunction, economical and practical Standard measuring range, predict the weather more accurately Lightweight and easy to install, suitable for hanging or placing on a surface Simple and elegant design make you more comforta..
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3-in-1 Soil pH Meter Moisture Tester Indoor Plants Garden Lawn Light Sensor   Specifications:   Test moisture, PH value and light level by one single meter instead of a whole soil test kit.  Easy to carry to take care of your plants at any time any place. No battery needed, this ph meter soil is env..
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Features: Reliable and durable.  Waterproof metal electrode.  Fast and accurate.  Determination of pH and humidity in different soils  Through strict quality and safety standards.  Suitable for quick pH and moisture reference in vineyards, orchards, field products, nursery planting, lawn ..
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Specifications:  Grain Can Be Measured Rapeseed, sesame, soybean  meal, cotton, soybean, peanut,  barley,  rice, sorghum, watermelon  seed, paddy, wheat, maize, fodder  Principle of Measurement  Resistance Method  Accuracy / Measurment resolution  0.1 / 01%  Backl..
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Description:   1.Install battery properly. 2.Take off the protective cover of the probe, and switch instrument ON by pressing ON/OFF button. Insert the detecting head of the meter about 5mm into the measured object. 3.Then the testing value displayed on the screen is the water content of the object...
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Description:  BSIDE EMT01 Digital LCD Portable 0~99.9% Wood Moisture Meter Integral Pins Auto Power off  Features:● Can be used to test all kinds of wood paperboard and dry cargo.● Large LCD display of wood moisture value.● Built-in four kinds of patterns with precise testing.● Employ ergonmics desi..
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Features:   Automation weight Automation moisture test Automation temperature compensation Revision moisture pre test Automation switch off  Newest compensation mode Setup standard by customer   Specification:   Test object:  foodstuff and other nonmetal grain sample, such as rice, wheat, maize, so ..
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Brief Introduction:   GM006 Smart Grain Moisture Meter is a new designed portable moisture test meter, it can test 15 kinds grains moisture with fast reading, easy operation, pocket size and easy to carry. Measurement error..
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Features: Soil PH value plays a very important role in the growth process has grain crops, most crops in high pH soils is very difficult to survive, and therefore suitable PH value of planting the best crops vital. The following are the steps:  1, with two-thirds into the soil when the soil compa..
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Features:The instrument is a delicate one, which used to measure the containing water of wood, bamboo, cotton, tobacco, paper, foodstuff etc. * Digital large size LCD display * Test Range: 5% to 40% * Resolution: 1% * Accuracy: ±1% * High resolution and quick response * Date hold and can hold value ..
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Descriptions:   WHDZ MD812 digital wood moisture meter can quickly determine the moisture content of wood with large-screen display. Also can keep the current test data, in order to read after test.   Features:   Measuring range: 5-40% Ability to store data and measured values in memory. Low power i..
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