What is pt1000 is platinum thermal resistance?


design principle


pt1000 is a platinum thermal resistance, and its resistance is proportional to the change of temperature. The relationship between the resistance value of PT1000 and the temperature change is: when the temperature of PT1000 is 0°C, its resistance value is 1000 ohms, and at 100°C, its resistance value is about 1385.005 ohms. Its industrial principle: the resistance value will increase at a constant speed as the temperature rises.


Application range


Medical, electrical, industrial, temperature calculation, resistance calculation and other high-precision temperature equipment have a wide range of applications.


product category


Temperature and humidity are the two physical parameters that have the most contact with human beings in nature. Whether it is in the production experiment site or in the residential and leisure places, the collection or control of temperature and humidity is very frequent and important. Moreover, the network remote collection of temperature and humidity and alarm It is an inevitable trend of the development of modern science and technology. Since temperature and humidity are closely related both in terms of physical quantity itself and in actual people's lives, sensors integrating temperature and humidity will be produced accordingly.


Due to the relationship between the temperature and the resistance value of the PT1000 platinum resistance, people took advantage of this characteristic to invent and produce the PT100 thermal resistance temperature and humidity sensor. It is an intelligent sensor integrating temperature and humidity collection. The temperature collection range can be -200°C~+200°C, and the humidity collection range is 0%~100%.


Working at -40°C~85°C (range of the host, not the range of external sensors) industrial-grade PT100, PT1000 thermal resistance acquisition modules, according to the display mode, there are WD series without LCD display (WD-PT100, WD-PT1000) and There are two types of LM series (LM-PT100, PT1000) with LCD display. The collection temperature range is -200°C~+200°C, the display accuracy is 0.1°C; the comprehensive accuracy is 0.3°C.


PT100 and PT1000 thermal resistance acquisition modules can be connected to the RS-485 local area control network through the isolated 485 communication interface. RS-485 allows up to 32 PT100 and PT1000 thermal resistance acquisition modules to be hung on the same bus, but if Link -Max's RS-485 repeater can connect up to 256 PT100 and PT1000 thermal resistance acquisition modules to the same network, and the maximum communication distance is 1200m. Before the PT100 and PT1000 thermal resistance acquisition modules are installed on the network, they should be configured. Address, to prevent the address conflict of each PT100 and PT1000 thermal resistance acquisition module.


After the PT100 and PT1000 thermal resistance acquisition modules are connected correctly, the host can issue a read data command to make the PT100 and PT1000 thermal resistance acquisition modules send the data back to the host. The data in the PT100 and PT1000 thermal resistance acquisition modules are updated every second, and the display data on the LCD display is updated periodically.


PT100 and PT1000 thermal resistance acquisition modules can also cooperate with LM-8052NET to form a TCP/IP temperature acquisition network, which can realize remote temperature acquisition.


technical parameter:


Input response time (data update rate within the module) is measured synchronously in 1 second


1 isolated 485, MODBUS RTU communication protocol


When RS-485 two-wire output interface is used, it has +15kV ESD protection function


Rate (bps) can be selected from 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200


Optional dual-protocol communication function, customers can request ASCII code format or hexadecimal format communication protocol


When the instruction is in ASCII format, it is suitable for microcomputer programming interface; when the instruction is in hexadecimal format, it is suitable for single chip programming interface


Accuracy grade: 0.2 grade


Power supply: +7.5~30V


Power consumption is less than 0.1W


The operating temperature range of the host is -40°C~+85°C


Measuring range is -200~+200


The storage condition is -40°C~+85°C (RH: 5%~95% non-condensing)