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10 Dec Antenna production , factory direct sales
10 Dec The basics of RF connectors,what do you know about it?
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Hi everyone,The basics of RF connectors,How much do you know?With the integration of RF coaxial connectors with sensors, a new type of 5G RF connector suitable for 5G wireless connections has been..
10 Dec Do you want to know more about MCX RF connectors?
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About MCX connector, do you want to know more about it? Today we have compiled some conceptual knowledge of MCX RF connectors for Dayou, and hope to help you.  The MCX connector is a push-in connect..
07 Dec Factory products are strictly controlled and tested-to prevent bad products from being sold
05 Dec What are the factors that affect the electrical performance of RF connectors?
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  As its application range expands, more and more people are paying close attention to RF connector manufacturers. So do you know what factors affect RF connectors? Let's take a look together below...
05 Dec How to choose an aviation plug?
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  What factors should be considered when choosing an aviation plug? What to connect, where to use, etc. Consider these issues first. These issues determine the type of industrial connector selecte..
30 Nov The quality of RF connectors,what do we need to know ?
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       The pictures and sounds received by radio, television and computers are all transmitted through radio frequency connectors. Radio frequency connectors are used to convey..
30 Nov Concept of RF connector
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       Coaxial connector redirects here. It is not to be confused with Coaxial power connector.  A type N coaxial RF connector (male)  Electronic symbols for the plug and jack co..
30 Nov You must know about BNC Connectors
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       BNC connector commonly used RF coaxial cable connector, is developed by engineer Carl Concelman and Bell Labs's Paul Neill.BNC connector (Bayonet Neill-Concelman), commonly used RF coaxial ..
30 Nov Do you know RENHOTEC ?
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  RENHOTEC Group was established in May 2005 and has been specialized in manufacturing and exporting various electronic connectors for more than 12 years. You can get almost all commonly used connec..