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Magic Arms

Features:Head on both ends with shoe adapter and 1/4" screw. It can mount Monitors and led Lights to DSLR, 180º Articulation. 1/4"-20 Screw on Top.It can be mounted directly to a DSLR or camcorder's shoe mount, and allows for the attachment of a full array of video accessories. Used to attach monito..
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Features: Generally Used: This magic arm is generally used to attach accessories to the cage, such as monitor, light, audio recorder and so on, and plate that features 1/4 -20 threaded holes Freely Adjustable: It can be freely adjusted in different positions and angels via turning the ball heads ..
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Features:SmallRig Dual Rotating Clamp EVF Mount 2141 is a dedicated EVF bracket with double rotating clamps. It is able to mount a monitor or EVF bracket up to 1.5KG. The thumbscrew can adjust the tension of the clamps allowing quick adjustment and positioning. One clamp on one end can attach on a r..
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Features: This super cool clamp was made of lightweight aluminum alloy, comes with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 thread and can be mounted virtually anywhere, such as cameras, lights, umbrellas, hooks, shelves, plate glass, crossbars, even other Super Clamps. It can open a maximum of 40mm and a minimum of 15m..
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Features: This is a professional 11 inch articulating arm perfect for LED light, LCD monitor or flash light etc. on cameras. 1/4 - 20 & Shoe Mounts 11 inches Articulating Arm Articulated Arm with 360° Rotation Perfect for LED on camera, Monitor, Cage, Mic Red Butterfly nut Net Weight: 242g   Package..
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Features:   This arm works with kemo kits to offer adjustable e quipment installation on camera. 1/4 - 20 Threading on Both Ends Load Capacity approx: 4 KG  Articulated Arm with 360 degrees Rotation Perfect for LED on camera, Monitor, Cage, Mic   Package Included:   1 x KEMO C1481 7 Inch Ar..
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Features: Made of aluminum and hard-anodized, to withstand the harshest conditions The o-ring in the balls can reduce the ball and clamp surface contact, allows the clamp to grab the ball tightly  To support your strobe or video light,the YS head adapter will allow you to get the best lighting angle..
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Features: This strobe arm adapter is constructed from corrosion resistant anodized aluminum alloy and has a o-ring friction gaskets  The o-ring in the balls can reduce the ball and clamp surface contact, allows the clamp to grab the ball tightly  To support your strobe or video light, the YS head ad..
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Features: Dual handheld grip, unique personalized, non-traditional design  It can be used as an image stabilizing system, or as a diving rig for your camera  For GoPro special waterproof shell, the base material is aluminum alloy  Aluminum oxidation components, CNC process and lightweight aluminum a..
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Features: Dual Ball Clamp Made of hard coat anodizing aluminium, durable to use Standard clamp used to attach two arm, base adapters and strobes together A hard anodized aluminum wing nut allows for easy one-handed operation and will withstand years of use This standard clamp attaches two 1-inch dia..
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Features: 360° Adjustment allows you to shoot from different angles.Double 1/4 Screw.The rubber ring on the ball heads increases friction to help control adjustment.Aluminum Alloy design.Only weighs 124g and folds into a small compact item that easily fits in your pocket.Great load capacity, load 5k..
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Features: Universal Dual 1/4 inch Ball Head Monitor Mount, could be applied to plenty of photographic accessories.360° Adjustable, could adjust to any angle you want for various shooting needs. Rubber Ring, Damping Adjust, There's a rubber ring on the ball head to increase friction which helps contr..
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