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Alarm Mainframe Kit

Features: Wireless system, the main console monitors the remote sensors and triggers the alarm in ccase of an intrusion. At the same time, it'll call you to notify you of a potential break-in. With user manual, it is easy to install & use. Outside antenna,voice prompt.               ..
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Introduction:   This LCD English large-screen GSM alarm system is equipped with dual network technologies and suitable for both home and commercial use. It uses the advanced GSM digital signal process technology, GSM Wireless mobile and traditional PSTN landline networks with intelligent alarm syste..
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Description:Tuya Smart Gate way hub:The smart gate way hub is the control center of Zig bee devices.Users can design and implement smart application scenarios by adding Zig  bee devices.Specification:Brand Name:RenhotecAPP: Smart Life/RenhotecWireless connection: Zig beePackage Includes: 1 x Gate wa..
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