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CCTV Camera Lens

Specification : Focal Length: 25mm Aperture: 1:1.2 Field View:14 degree Format: 1/3 Mount: 12 x 0.5 Optical Back Length: 0.3 Lris: Fixed Dimensions: 23.1 x 25   Package includeds : 1 x 25mm CCTV Board Lens   Details pictures :..
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Features : During the day and night, the effect is very good, and the resolution is excellent. The color reduction degree has been greatly improved.   Suitable: hemispherical shell camera, 75 waterproof outdoor camera, 60 waterproof outdoor camera, especially widely used in wide angle camera..
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Specification : Focal Length: 2.8mm Aperture: F2.0 Mount: M12 Pixel: 2MP Format: 1 / 2.7inch Horizontal Field of View: 120 Dimension: 14 × 15.7mm   Package includeds : 1 x 2MP 2.8mm CCTV Lens   Details pictures :..
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Specification : Focal Length: 3.6mm Imager Size: 1/2.7'' Mount Type: M12*0.5 Horizontal Field of View: 90degree Iris Operation: Fixed Focus Operation: Fixed Zoom Operation: Fxied Package includeds : 1 x 3.6mm M12 HD Camera Lens   Details pictures :..
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Specification : Focal length: 4mm Resolution: 3MP Image size: 1/2.5" Fixed aperture Infrared/IR Relative aperture: F1.8 Mount: M12*0.5 Diagonal Field : 56°(1/2.5") Dimension (mm): Φ14*16.2 Weight: 4.5g Close up to M.O.D: 0.2m Operation Zoom: Fix Focus: Manual Iris: Fix O..
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Specification : Resolution: 3MP Relative aperture: F1: 1.4 Focal length: 2.8-12 Mount: M12 Horizontal Field: 108-31.2° Dimension (mm): Φ28.6×44.8 Weight: 34 Close distance: 0.2m Operation Zoom: Manual Focus: Manual Iris: Fix Operating Temerature: -20°C to +80°C Back focus: 7..
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Specification : Resolution: 5MP Image format: 1/2.5" Focal length: 6-22mm Aperture: F2.2 Mount: F14 Field angel(D*H*V°): Short focus: 58*46.4*34.8; Long focus: 20.4*16.3*12.2 Optical distortion: -0.61 to 15.6% M.O.D.: 0.3m Dimension: Φ28x45.3mm Weight: 30.5±2g Flange BFL: 13.5mm BFL: 6.4mm MBF: 6.2m..
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    Features :1.8mm 170° wide angle board lense for CCTV cameras has standard M12x0.5 thread, suitable for both 1/3" and 1/4" CCD chipsets, with an aperture of F2.0. Standard M12x0.5 thread Image format for both 1/3" and 1/4" CCD   Specification : Angle of View: 170° Focal Length: 1.8mm Back Focal L..
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Specification : Motor type (excitation type): Magnet moving Motor size (assembly exterior): 32.1*28.1*13.6mm Driving direction: Open IR filter glass size: 8.0*7.5*0.21mm Dummy glass size: 8.0*7.5*0.21mm Coil resistace (20℃): 50±5%Ω Drive angle: 69°±1.5° Coil diameter (high temperature resistance aut..
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Features : 3MP high Resolution design, apply to 720P and 1080P cctv Camera. Outstanding coating technology, all Lens elements are with multi-layer. Broadband coating to get best Image. Specification : Model no. M12-2.8IR(3MP)-C M12-3.6IR(3MP)-C M12-6IR(3MP)-C ..
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Specification : 1.  Model No.:  FE-5MP-1.8MM 2. Focal Length(mm): 1.8mm 3. Format(inch): 1/2.5 4. Aperture: F2.0 5. Mount: M12 6. Angle: 180 7. Weight: 10g 8. IR Filter: without IR filter 9. Iris: Fixed 10. Focus: / 11. Zoom: / 12. Operation Temperature: -20 to +60℃ 13 S..
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Features : ICR (IR-Cut-OFF) filter required for better picture color & quality. Day / Night mode support external triggering by CDS. Uses: Because the CMOS megapixel sensor in the infrared will change color when turned on, use a IR CUT module, can get the best imaging results. ..
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