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SMA Connectors

SMA Female with PCB Mount 11mm 50 OHM RF Connector SMA-KEDescription:Item Name: SMA Female Connector with PCB Mount (SMA-KE)Connector: SMA Female(outer hole)Characteristic Impedance : 50ΩLength:11mmPackage Included:1 x Connector..
Ex Tax:$1.78
SMA Male 50-1.5 RF connector For RG174 RG316 LMR100 CableDescription:Connector: SMA Male (inner needle)Characteristic Impedance: 50 ohmSuitable for RG174 RG316 LMR100 CablePackage Included:1 x SMA Male 1.5 Connector..
Ex Tax:$2.40
SMA Male RF Coaxial Termination Matched Dummy Load 50 OhmDescription:Connector: SMA Male(inner needle)Characteristic Impedance : 50 ohmPackage Included:1 x SMA Male Termination Matched load Connector..
Ex Tax:$3.95
Specification: Item name: RF Connector Adapter Connector: SMA-KWE to RP-SMA Female  Temperature range: -65 to +165 °C (PE Cable -40 to +85 °C) Vibration: MIL-STD-202, Method 213 Characteristic impedance: 50Ω Frequency range: DC ~ 12.4GHz (semi-rigid cable 0 ~ 18GHz) Operating voltage: 335V max ..
Ex Tax:$1.67
Antenna Base Welding Base SMA Female RP-SMA Female Plug SMA Femal RP-SMA FemaleDescription:Item Name:Antenna Base Weight:1.73g Length:13.6mm   Tooth length:5mmFrequency:0-6GFeatures:Maintenance Figure..
Ex Tax:$2.09