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Music Doorbell

Specification : Doorbell model: W899 Receiving distance: 350M(open area) Volume: 6 levels(can adjust to mute) Ringtones: 48 pcs Transmitter size: 73x41x19mm Receiver size: 92x54x32mm The transmitter use a 12V23A alkaline bettery(not included).   Package includeds : 1 x Doorbell but..
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Features : The product is easy to install. The volume of the chime is very loud, it can be adjusted according to user's preference. Furthermore, the 200 meters operating range is already adequate. Specification : Doorbell model: K03DC Operating range: 200 meters in open area Volume: 4 levels fro..
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Features : AC100-220V Battery-free wireless doorbell no battery need and no wire. It uses unique energy harvesting technology and ultra-low-power wireless technology with worldwide patents pending. Help you to save your money and power. When users press the button, energy converting module insi..
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Features:● Fit for home, apartment, classroom, office, villas and more.● User friendly design, especially suitable for the elderly, women.● It can be a paging device for the elderly, can signal for care when they need it most.● With 60 music and 5 volume, meet your favorite music style, and volume r..
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Features : The button supports up to 20PCS, and the receiver supports up to 100pcs. If multiple buttons are paired with one or more receivers in the same system, each button can be set to a different ringtone. Power-off memory function: Plug in the power again after power off, no need to re-select ..
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Features : Touch the button configuration, superheterodyne learning code on the code mode. The transmitter without screw chuck design to achieve waterproof and dustproof. Double-sided stability of the PCB, the chip standby sleep up to micro-level. The transmitter 12V 23A battery. (Included) ..
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Features:-Strong penetrating power, long transmission distance, and good wireless signal.-60 music, 6 volume adjustable.-Zero false alarms effectively avoid mutual interference or false alarms between neighbors.-Energy saving, one battery can be used for more than one year. The doorbell transmitter ..
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Features:- Just place the sensor at the entrance to your driveway and the receiver inside your home.- Alerts you when someone enters your driveway, walking paths, doorway or business, such as visitors, vehicles, intruders, animals or kids coming or going.- Advanced notice when someone or something e..
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Features:   - Simple and flexible wireless installation design eliminates the hassle and expense of installation and saves money. It does not affect the decoration and appearance. - Up to several tens of meters to meet the needs of various residential and high-rise buildings. - Built-in stereo speak..
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