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Nature Element Measurements

  Features :1. The system of 12/24 2. The calendar (2000-2099), 3. The weather forecast function 4. The alarm clock & lie-ins 5. According to indoor temperature and humidity, humidity ranges from 20% to 95% 6. The moon shows 7. The thermometer (C/F) - 9 C ~ + 50 C 8. The maximum, minimum temperature..
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Description :       Portable Colorimeter CS -10 developed according to the measuring requirements on different products and gain many optimal achievements with high cost performance. The most convenient colorimeter Environmental, low energy consumption instrument, Comfortable observation with real..
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Description:   DC107 Large Digital LCD Indoor Temperature Humidity Meter Thermometer Hygrometer Clock Time Features:   Indoor temperature display, indoor humidity display Time display; temperature unit ℃/℉ changeable. Memory of MAX/MIN value of temperature, and display the recorded time simultaneous..
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Decibel Meter Level Recorder Audio 30-130dB Noise Measurement Sound Level Detector Diagnostic Tool    Features:   1. This equipment has been designed to meet the meas-urement  requirement of Safety Engineers, Health, Indu-strial Safety offices and Sound Quality control in various environment, which ..
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Features: Hold function: Saves measurements for convenient reading and recording Auto-off function: Turns off meter after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries Dual Range: Measures form 0-999ppm, with a resolution of 1ppm. From 1,000 to 9,990ppm, the resolution is 10ppm, indicated ..
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Features:- Multifunctional LED bluetooth speaker, set clock, radio, bedside lamp in one.- You can set 3 different alarm times a day, so you don't have to worry about setting the alarm cycle frequently.- Built-in lithium battery with a capacity of up to 1200mAh. To use when fully charging, and can be..
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Features: Advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor. Quick response and resume. SMD assembling, stable performance. MCU control. Direct testing process LCD indication,BAC 0.000%,0.00 %0,mg/l. One key operating. Digital LCD display with Red backlight. 360 degree rotating mouthpiece. Port..
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Feature:1. Air Velocitiy & Temperature Measurement:2. Max/Average/Current air velocitiy measurement;3. °.° Temperature unit selection;4. Five units of air velocitiy :M/s, Km/h, ft/min, Knots, mph5. Beaufort scale;6. Backlight display;7. Manual/Auto power shut off;6. Wind chill Indication;9. Low batt..
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Features: Electronic ink screen, white "paper" black characters show more clearly In desktop mode, open the stand and it can be placed steady on the desktop  Wall mode, built-in magnet can be rotated to adjust the angle Ultra-wide viewing angle, almost 180°, it is easier to see the temperature and h..
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Description:   Check your own Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Great car safety device, powered by car adapter (included) Fast and easy to use,Test Accuracy: 0.010 BAC (0.100 mg/l) Stylish and well-built, Test Range: 0.000 ~ 0.200 BAC ( 0.000 ~ 1.000 mg/l ) Features:   This breathalyzer can still be ..
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Description : Digital Color LED Screen Alarm Time Laser Wall Projector Projection Calendar Humidity Date Max/Min Temperature   Features : LCD screen displays the time, temperature, humidity, and weather. With colorful LED Backlit. Projects the accurate time, and the projecting angle is 180 degree ad..
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Description:   1.Install battery properly. 2.Take off the protective cover of the probe, and switch instrument ON by pressing ON/OFF button. Insert the detecting head of the meter about 5mm into the measured object. 3.Then the testing value displayed on the screen is the water content of the object...
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