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Network Cable Testers

Description:   UT682-CHN wire tracker consists oftransmitter and receiver. It has functions like telephone wire tracking, network wire tracking, cable wire tracking, network wire check, etc. and it hasfast and accurate measurement. UT682 is an ideal tool for personnel to installand maintenance ..
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Why Choose Our Line Finder???The biggest advantage: digital signal searching lineDifferent from the noise interference caused by the analog signal search used by the ordinary wire tracker, the MESTEK WT58D uses a proprietary digital signal transmission and reception that completely shields the inter..
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Features: Maintenance in Telecom. Maintenance CATV. Test Lab of optical fibers. Other Fiber Optic Measurements.   Specification: Model   YJ-320A Measurement Range(dBm) -70 to +6 Wavelength Rangenm ..
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