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Amplifier Board

Content-Length: 1862 > Specifications:- Supply Voltage: 2.7v-5.5v @ 3mA current - Output: 2Vpp on 1.25V bias - Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz - Programmable Attack and Release Ratio - Automatic gain, selectable max from 40dB, 50dB or 60dB..
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> Overview:   The board adopts the PAM8403 typical circuit design, the use of MICRO USB power supply (reserved welding wire interface), is very convenient to use universal mobile phone charger for the power supply, resistance container parts adopt standardized SMT process, simple and stab..
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Content-Length: 1955 > Feature:   This plate with switching function, SW short, will turn off the power amplifier Working Mode: Class D (PWM modulation type) Chip Type: PAM8610 Power Range: DC 6V-15V (self-protection) Recommended Volta..
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Content-Length: 1800 > Description: Product Name: Digital audio amplifier board Work: Class D (pwm modulation) Power supply range: DC 6-15V (protection) Recommended voltage: DC 12V Output power: 10W x 2 (8Ω) 15W x 2 (4Ω) Quiescent current: 20MA Size: 4..
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Content-Length: 2723 > Special Reminder:   This board is a heavy bass preamp board. It will not sound when directly connected to the horn. It must be connected to a pure final stage power amplifier board to make an active subwoofer. The power ..
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X-Akamai-Transformed: 9 2184 0 pmb=mRUM,1 Content-Length: 1994 > Feature:   Onboard power amplifier chip, multiple filter capacitor, to ensure that the audio output is not distorted You can fine-tune the output volume through the potentiomet..
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Introduction:   The speaker protection board has the function of delay time (about 3 seconds) and DC protection (about 1V control voltage) . The board circuit is simple, easy to make, and safe and reliable. With LED display, it lights up during protection and goes out during n..
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Content-Length: 2136 > The main parameters: Left and right channels: TDA2030Ax2. Power: 18W + 18W, suggested 2.5-4 inches, 4-8 ohms 10-30W of full-range speakers. Bass output: TDA2030Ax1, Power: 18W (≤250HZ) suggested 5-8 inches, 4-8 ohms 20-50W woof..
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> Applications:   The TLV3501 is a single-channel high-speed push-pull output comparator with a delay time of 4.5ns and a supply voltage: + 2.7V to + 5.5V. With an input common-mode  beyond the swing input, it is  for low-voltage applications. Rail-to-rail output can directly drive CMOS or TTL..
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Content-Length: 1759 > Description:- Audio input: bluetooth receive - Power supply voltage: 8~26VDC (DC) polarity reverse protection - Power amplifier chip: 2x30W stereo TPA3118 - Applicable speaker impedance: 4, 6, 8 ohm - AUX input: 3.5 earphone seat..
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Content-Length: 2125 > Product information: Product name: Bluetooth digital power amplifier board    Product number: VHM-313 Audio input: Wireless Bluetooth                                       Power output: Two channels 15W+15W Receiving distance:..
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Content-Length: 1905 > Feature: Name: MP3 Bluetooth decoder board Model: VHM-314 V.20 Input voltage: 5V Two-color indicator: red, blue Working current: 20ma, charging current 300ma Support lithium battery charging Bluetooth version..
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