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Amplifier Board

> Port Description:   1. +5V power supply: connect the positive pole of the power supply, the voltage range is 4.1V~5V, please ensure that the power supply is within this range. Exceeding this range may damage the module or cause the work to be abnormal; 2, ground: GDN is connected t..
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Content-Length: 2105 > Feature: Support bluetooth 4.1, support automatic connection back, support WAV+APE+FLAC+MP3 lossless decoding, stereo output. Power Supply: 3.7-5V SNR: 90dB THD+N: -70dB Crosstalk: -86dB DNR: 91dB Support: A2DP / ..
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Description:Add an ear to your project with this well-designed electret microphone amplifier. This fully assembled and tested board comes with a 20-20KHz electret microphone soldered on. For the amplification, we use the Maxim MAX4466, an op-amp specifically designed for this delicate task! The ampl..
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Content-Length: 2407 > Description: Stereo bluetooth 12V/5V lossless WAV music decoder, WMA / MP3 / FM speaker panel modules, support breakpoint memoryFeatures: 1. Support USB, SD, support for external signal directly switch 2. Support for stereo bluetooth (bl..
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> Features: TDA2030A is widely used as Hi-Fi amplifier manifold in many computer active speakers. Easy Installation. It has the function of thermal shutdown, current limiting. Minimum transmission distortionSpecifications: Output power: Maximum 18W Supply voltage: DC 9V-24V (recommended DC 12V, ..
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> Specification:   Model: DY-AP3015  Working voltage: DC: 8~24V  Working mode: Class D (PWM modulation)  Number of channels: stereo (two channels)  Maximum output power (@1KHz):  18W*2 @12V 4Ω  10W*2 @12V 8Ω  15W*2 @16V 8Ω  20W*2 @20V 8Ω  30W*2 @24V 8Ω (requires..
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> Description: Product model: HF69B   bluetooth power amplifier board: Small standby heating, good-quality stereo, suitable for small bluetooth speakers. Output power: 6W + 6WDimensions: 70 x 40mm Stereo: Dual channel stereoApplicable speaker impedance: 6 ohms, 8 ohms (if the horn impedance is t..
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Content-Length: 1824 > Specifications: Crossover point: 3200Hz Applicable speaker impedance: 4-8 Euro Applicable power amplifier impedance: 4-8 Euro Applicable power: 10-100W Applicable speakers: 3-8 inches Applicable to: HI-FI bookshelf speakers, ..
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> Features:Power supply: DC 5V (Micro USB interface) Audio input: various versions bluetooth connection stereo input, using CSR64215 bluetooth chip, bluetooth V4.2, support low delay, high software compatibility Audio output: 1. 3.5mm headphone stereo audio output (dedicated amp chip processing ..
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Content-Length: 2393 > Instructions: Click here to openMore details: Click here to openFeatures:JDY-64 is a low power consumption lossless two-channel stereo design, and the overall performance is very advantageous. It only needs to connect the modul..
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Content-Length: 2197 > Features:   LM358 is the core two-stage operational amplifier, which can amplify DC weak signals, such as DC voltage signals, DC pulse signals, can amplify signals of millivolts or even weaker, and has two potentiometers, respec..
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