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Smart Module

Specification:Remote control: Operating voltage: DC 12V(27A / 12V battery x 1) Operating current: 10mA at 12V Radiated power: 10mW at 12V Transmission distance: 50m - 100m (open field, the receiver sensitivity of -100dbm) Transmitting frequency: 315MHZ Modulation mode: ASK (Amplitude Modulation) Enc..
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Features:   Latest infrared wireless remote control kit consists Mini Slim 38KHz IR remote control and infrared receiver modules, Mini Slim infrared remote control with 17 function keys, firing distances of up to 8 meters, ideal for a variety of devices in the control room. IR receiver module ..
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Product introduction: JDY-08 passthrough module is based on bluetooth 4.0 protocol standard, scope of work frequency of 2.4 GHZ, modulation method for GFSK, maximum transmitted power of 0 db, the largest launch distance of 80 meters, adopt TICC2541 chip design, support the user through the AT comman..
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> Description:   Model: JDY-10 bluetooth 4.0 slave module Kernel: M0 Communication interface: serial port Working voltage: 1.9-3.6V Communication distance: 100 meters Working current: 90ua Suspen mode: 14 uA Module is: bluetooth 4.0 slave JDY-10 transparent transmission module is based on blue..
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Product introduction:The JDY-10 transmission module is a bluetooth 4 protocol standard, the working band is 2. 4GHZ range, the modulation mode is GFSK, the maximum transmission power is 8dB, the maximum transmission distance is 50 meters. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, small si..
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>>>Manual: Click here to open<<<  Features:  1: JDY-16 uses BLE 4.2 protocol development compatible with BLE5.0, which is better than mobile phone compatibility than CC2541 module.2: RF TX and RX peak current 5 to 6 mA, CC2541 peak current more than 10 MA, JDY-16 is more ..
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Introduction:  JDY-19 transparent transmission module is based on bluetooth 4.2 protocol standard, working frequency range is 2.4GHZ range, modulation mode is GFSK, maximum transmission power is 4db, maximum transmission distance is 40 meters, supports users to modify equipment through AT command in..
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JDY-22 sleep pattern description: Sleep pattern Instructions Functional description Start wake-up AT+STARTEN1 Mode 1: wake up call, users need sleep can be controlled by AT+SLEEP command, wake up can be awakened by PWRC pin low level. Start sleep AT+STARTEN..
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Introduction:   JDY-31 bluetooth is based on bluetooth 3.0 SPP design, which can support Windows, Linux, android data transmission, working frequency band 2.4GHZ, modulation mode GFSK, maximum transmission power 8db, maximum transmission distance 30 meters, support users to modify device name throug..
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