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Amplifier Board

Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth5.0 Precise details>> Precise details: Functions: 1. Dual decoding supports MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC/APE format music; 2. Support Bluetooth call function; 3. With rec..
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Content-Length: 2378 > Features:   * Support format: FLAC WAV WMA MP3 APE *4.0 version of bluetooth chip * special Android APK APP software for the player's control and other operations * bluetooth push : can scan the music which be sav..
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Content-Length: 2085 > Specifocations:   Operating voltage: Dual AC24-32V (recommended dual AC30V or dual AC32V) 200-400W toroidal transformer Power amplifier chip: SanKen1494/3858 Channel type: stereo two-channel, mono Mono output: 8..
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> Feature: Working voltage: dual AC24-36V Recommended voltage: Dual30V / dual 32v Channel type: Stereo dual, mono Mono output: 800W Two-channel output: Max. 450W + 450W Impedance: 4ohm, 8ohm, 16ohm Dimensions: 22 x 14.5 x 8cm Weight: 900g Recommend: 8 inch speaker, voltage..
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Content-Length: 2019 > Feature: Brand:Renhotec Model: 3WAY Maximum power: 150W Frequency response: 45Hz-20KHz Applicable impedance: 4~8 ohm Applicable speakers: 2.5~8 inches Appearance size: 86 x 63 x 25mm Center hole distance: 86..
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Power: 5W - 15W Voltage: 12V Precise details>> Precise details: 15W TDA7297 Dual-Channel Amplifier Board For Features:   AC / DC, 2.0 / dual channel / stereo,12V/2..
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Content-Length: 4022 > User Manual click to download Features:   - Operating voltage: 12V; Operating current: ≥ 3.5A; Output power: 15W * 2 - Support U disk and TF card playback, support multiple kinds of format decoding (MP3/WAV/APE/FLAC)..
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Content-Length: 1977 > Features:Power supply: DC 5V (Micro USB interface) Audio input: various versions bluetooth connection stereo input, using CSR64215 bluetooth chip, bluetooth V4.2, support low delay, high software compatibility Audio ..
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Content-Length: 1678 > Specifications: Impedance: 4-8Ω Crossover point: 1500-3000Hz Circuit filter: treble 12db / oct / bass 6db / oct Carrying power: 800W-1200W Applicable speakers: 10-18inch Package Included: 1 x 2-way Subwoofer Tweeter Speaker ..
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Content-Length: 2929 Specifications:   Power Supply: DC 12V power supply Appearance size: 142.5 x 53mm Out Ranger: ≥500MV Rated input: 12V/0.2A Rated power consumption: USB playback cu..
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Power: 200W Voltage: 220V - 240V Precise details>> Precise details: This is the normal version, if you need to upgrade the version (Bluetooth version), please click her..
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Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth5.0 Precise details>> Precise details: Feature: BT5.0 Audio PRO continues the excellent basic functions of M28 (long-distance transmission, Bluetooth 5.0 back..
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