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Amplifier Board

Content-Length: 2125 > Feature: Support bluetooth 4.1, support automatic connection back, support WAV+APE+FLAC+MP3 lossless decoding, stereo output. Power Supply: 3.7-5V SNR: 90dB THD+N: -70dB Crosstalk: -86dB DNR: 91dB Support: A2DP ..
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Content-Length: 1858 > Features: Frequency divider is a circuit arrangement inside the sound box, to distinguish the sound  signals of different frequencies (treble, tenor, bass), respectively to enlarge, and then sent  to the speaker of the corresp..
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Content-Length: 2447 > Specification:   Model: DY-AP3015  Working voltage: DC: 8~24V  Working mode: Class D (PWM modulation)  Number of channels: stereo (two channels)  Maximum output power (@1KHz):  18W*2 @12V 4Ω  10W*2 @12V 8..
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Content-Length: 1818 > Specifications: Crossover point: 3200Hz Applicable speaker impedance: 4-8 Euro Applicable power amplifier impedance: 4-8 Euro Applicable power: 10-100W Applicable speakers: 3-8 inches Applicable to: HI-FI bookshelf speakers, c..
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Content-Length: 2197 > Features:   LM358 is the core two-stage operational amplifier, which can amplify DC weak signals, such as DC voltage signals, DC pulse signals, can amplify signals of millivolts or even weaker, and has two potentiometers..
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> Feature:   1. On-board LM386 Chip 2. 20 times gain circuit design 3. On-board speaker wiring Block 4. On-board 10K variable resistor, you can adjust the volume of the amplifier 5. On-board power indicator 6. The chip pin was leaded, can be directly input audio signal 7. Operating voltage:  5 ~..
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Content-Length: 1865 > Specifications:- Supply Voltage: 2.7v-5.5v @ 3mA current - Output: 2Vpp on 1.25V bias - Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz - Programmable Attack and Release Ratio - Automatic gain, selectable max from 40dB, 50dB or 60dB - Low Inp..
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> Specifications:Operating voltage: 2.5V-5.5VMaximum output power: 3W*2(5V 4Ω)Length: 29mmWidth: 20mmOverall height after installed is about 16mm.Note:Please make sure the power supply is not more than 5.5V and please don't do reverse polarity for "+" and "-", or else, it will burn the board.Pac..
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Content-Length: 2501 > Product description: HIFI-level PCM2704 USB decoder chip, its performance is better than the most commonly used low-end chip CM102S series on the market, the power supply uses USB power supply, the output can be directly connected t..
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Introduction:   The speaker protection board has the function of delay time (about 3 seconds) and DC protection (about 1V control voltage) .The board circuit is simple, easy to make, and safe and reliable. With LED display, it lights up during protection and goes out during normal work. 15A..
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