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Amplifier Board

Content-Length: 2809 > Applications:   The TLV3501 is a single-channel high-speed push-pull output comparator with a delay time of 4.5ns and a supply voltage: + 2.7V to + 5.5V. With an input common-mode  beyond the swing input, it is  for low-voltage applica..
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Content-Length: 1850 > Features:  Power amplifier chip: TPA3110 Operating voltage: DC 8 ~ 26V (power input with polarity protection) Recommended power supply: DC 12V current 2A Output power: 2x15W Recommended speaker impedance: 4 ~ 10 ohms With mute interface:..
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Content-Length: 2267 > Instructions:   1. Bluetooth version 4.2. 2. Support USB sound card, free drive, plug and play (normal lithium battery power supply). 3. This product has its own dual 5W power amplifier circuit. Do not use another amplifier to use! The..
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Content-Length: 1689 > Feature:  Simple high and low frequency divider, can be used for bookshelf box or multimedia speakers, etc. Size: 67*44mm  Package includes: 10 x frequency divider..
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Content-Length: 1876 > Feature: Brand:Renhotec Model: D222 Maximum power: 60W Frequency response: 48Hz-20KHz Applicable impedance: 4~8 ohm Applicable speakers: 6 inches or less Appearance size: 55 x 45mm Net weight: 90g Appli..
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Content-Length: 2166 > Description:   The module has stereo output, simple built-in bluetooth antenna structure, 5V power supply voltage, and bluetooth connection function is added to active speaker. The 7PIN output interface is 2.54 t..
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> Specifications:   Amplifier Chip:TPA3110 Output Power:15W x 2 Working Voltage: DC 8-18V Working Current:  Max:3A  Static state:8mA Efficiency:≥90% SNR:100dB Speaker:4-8Ω Frequency Range:20Hz-20KHz Size: 33 x 25 x 3.5mm   Features:   1.Portable des..
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Content-Length: 1727 > Features:   - Mini Slim volume; - High-power Digital Class D amplifier plate; - Using TPA3116D2 chip; - Operating voltage 12 V-24 V DC; - Output power 50 W + 50 W; - Length of the size 37x25mm wide   ..
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> Features:1. Model:XPT8871 2. Name: Amplifier Board 3. Anti-interference, excellent sound quality, low power consumption 4. Power supply: DC 5V 1A5. Chip:XPT8871 6. Channel Type: Single Channel 7. Output power: 5W 8. Size:20*16*8mm 9. Application:USB Speaker, Portable Speaker, TV, DVD, Satellit..
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Content-Length: 3193 > Specifications: Product Name Bluetooth stereo audio power amplifier board Product Model XY-P40W Supply voltage DC: 5~24V Bluetooth version 5.0 Connect distance 15 meters(visible) Output mode stereo Output power(@1K..
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X-Akamai-Transformed: 9 - 0 pmb=mRUM,1 Content-Length: 2018 > Features:   ● Operating current: >1A ● Power Output: 3~5W ● Drive Speaker: 4~8Ω ● SNR: 85dB@ VDD=5V,Vorms=1V ● Class D Audio Amplifier ● Low Distortion, Low Noise Floo..
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Content-Length: 1903 > Features:   Stereo Bluetooth Digital Amplifier Board Amplifier chip: YDA138 Operating voltage: 8.5~14VDC (power input with polarity protection) Recommended power supply: 12V DC current 2A Output power: 2X10W (8 ohms), 15W+15W (4 ohms) ..
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